Research interests: Corporate finance and investments with primary focus on corporate investments in intangibles such as corporate innovations, ESG/Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and corporate culture.


Incremental vs. Breakthrough Innovation: The Role of Technology Spillovers
(with Seong K. Byun and Han Xia), 2021. Management Science 67 (3),17791802.

  • Best Paper Award, Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation Conference, 2015  


The Effect of Cultural Similarity on Mergers and Acquisitions: Evidence from Corporate Social Responsibility” (with Fred Bereskin, Seong K. Byun, and Micah S. Officer), 2018.
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 53 (5), 19952039.


Local Corporate Social Responsibility, Media Coverage, and Shareholder Value
(with Seong K. Byun), 2018. Journal of Banking and Finance 87, 6886.

  • Best Paper Award, Southern Finance Association (SFA), 2013


Absorptive Capacity, Technology Spillovers, and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns,” 2017. Journal of Banking and Finance 85, 146164.


Working Papers

Technological Fit and the Market for Managerial Talent
(with Fred Bereskin and Seong K. Byun)

  • Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
  • Presented at Univ. of Missouri (by co-author), Univ. of Mississippi (by co-author), Univ. of Central Florida, Seoul National University, Korea University, KAIST, Annual Conference of the Asia-Pacific Association of Derivatives (2020, Scheduled), FMA Annual Meeting (2020, Scheduled)


Strategic Information Disclosure: The Case of Pending Patents
(with David T. Angenendt and Bernhard Ganglmair)

  • Presented at Midwest Economic Theory Conference (2017), Boston Univ. (2017), Searle Center Conference on Innovation Economics (Northwestern Univ., 2015), European Economic Association (2015), IIOC (2015), Tel Aviv Univ., Haifa Univ., Bar-Ilan Univ., E.CA Economics (2014), by co-author


Strategic Employee Compensation Disclosure

  • Presented at The University of Texas at Dallas, 2015